Flowers for your Birth Month

What’s Your Birth Month Flower?

What does your birth month flower say about you?

Americans spend over $34 billion on flowers every year. Yes, that’s BILLION! It’s a huge industry because flowers are the perfect gift for every occasion.

Whether someone is mourning, celebrating, or you simply want to show love or care, you can buy the perfect flowers for the event.

What if someone’s birthday is close and you want to go beyond the traditional roses and choose a more meaningful flower? That’s when knowing their birth month flower and the meaning behind it is especially impactful. Here’s a list of each birth month’s flower and the significance it blossoms with.


January: Carnation or Snow Drop

Carnation - January Birth Month Flower

The carnation is the most traditional birth month flower for January. The blooms last long after they are cut, making them a great gift.

The scientific name of a carnation is  “dianthus,” which was given to it by a Greek botanist. The Greek word means “flower of God.”

Its bold color in an often-dreary month is very welcome. The different colors of carnations allow you to send different messages with your gift. For instance, a pink carnation is a symbol of affection, while a bold red sends a message of love.

The snowdrop is another birth flower that some associate with January. Unlike many flowers, this plant does better in colder climates.

One of the first spring flowers to bloom, you’ll recognize them by their small white flowers that hang down like a drop. These beautiful perennials carry a meaning of hope that winter is ending and warmer weather is on the way.

February: Violet or Primrose

Primrose - February Birth Month Flower

Are you surprised that the rose is not a February birth flower? With the major focus being on Valentine’s Day this month, you might have thought it would be. However, the real February birth flowers are the violet or the primrose.

A violet signifies watchfulness, faithfulness, and loyalty. If you give violets to someone you love, you’re saying that you’ll always be there for them.

There is also meaning tied to a more religious source, where the violet is a symbol of the Virgin Mary and signals modesty, spiritual wisdom, and humility. Violets are so popular that they are the state flower of four different states!

Primrose is another option for February. This English flower is a symbol of young love and means that you simply cannot live without someone.

These flowers are abundant in early spring. They grow poorly in the heat of summer, making them a great early-year choice as a flower gift.

March: Daffodil

Daffodil - March Birth Month Flower

In some parts of the country, March means spring has arrived. In other areas, it will still be winter for a month or two.

Either way, you can give your friend or loved one a daffodil for their birthday. These bright, cheerful flowers are a symbol of spring and are used to tell someone that you have a deep love for them that cannot be rivaled or replaced.

Daffodils are planted in the fall, stay in the ground for several months, and then finally grow and bloom in late winter and early spring. This makes it perfect as a gift for March.

Daffodils also symbolize rebirth and are often associated with Easter as a result. Some also see them as a sign of prosperity to come. These flowers are typically yellow but have been bred to bloom in a variety of other colors as well.

Your loved one will enjoy getting a bouquet of daffodils on their March birthday!

April: Daisy or Sweet Pea

Daisy - April Birth Month Flower

As we move further into spring, we begin to embrace additional early-season flowers like the daisy and sweet pea. Daisies are native to north and central Europe, and the name literally means “day’s eye.”

The characteristic white daisy with a yellow center brightens our day and always brings a smile. Daisies typical convey a meaning of loyalty, love, purity, and innocence.

If you give a daisy to a friend, it carries another traditional meaning – “I’ll never tell your secrets.”

Sweet peas are another great choice for an April birth month flower. The vining plant grows well in a woodland-style garden or on a trellis or arch. The trick is to plant it early!

This flower comes with mixed meanings, a combination of blissful pleasure with departure or separation. Its fragrance is beautiful, and it’s an excellent flower to choose for your friend or loved one in April.

May: Lily of the Valley or Hawthorn

Lily of the Valley - May Birth Month Flower

The lily of the valley is a birth flower for May. It is a beautiful plant with tiny white flowers that smell incredible. This flower loves the shade but can spread quickly, so be ready if you plant them.

This flower signifies hopes and dreams, and giving them is a great way to wish the recipient a great year ahead. The lily of the valley is also associated with humility, happiness, and sweetness.

When you give lily of the valley, you’re wishing your loved one well and telling them that your life is better with them in it.

Another birth flower for May is the hawthorn. This flower comes from a tree or shrub that has thorns but also carries beautiful white flowers.

Since the Middle Ages hawthorn flowers have been used at marriage ceremonies, symbolizing chastity and a wish for prosperity for the happy couple. If you want to wish someone well, hawthorn flowers are the perfect gift.

June: Rose or Honeysuckle

Rose - June Birth Month Flower

As we hit summer, the summer flowers come into bloom and begin to take their place in our list. Roses have inspired lovers and artists for centuries and come in a huge variety of colors.

There are a lot of ways to speak with roses, as each color has its own meaning.

Red roses, of course, symbolize romantic love. Yellow roses are for friendship, and white roses refer to innocence, purity, and remembrance. That’s just the tip of the iceberg – there are many more colors, each with a distinct connotation.

Honeysuckle is another June birth month flower. A hardy vine plant, honeysuckle has over 180 distinct varieties. They prefer full sun but can handle some shade.

One of the great things about having a living honeysuckle bush in your yard is that they attract hummingbirds, which can add a lot of life and fun to your garden.

Honeysuckle is another symbol of strong and everlasting love and carries meanings of happiness, sweetness, and devoted affection.

July: Larkspur or Water Lily

Larkspur - July Birth Month Flower

Larkspur, also known as a delphinium, is a traditional July birth flower..

This gorgeous plant can grow up to eight feet tall and comes in a variety of colors. Like roses, different colors have different meanings. For instance, pink represents fickleness and purple represents a first love.

In general, the larkspur signifies strong bonds of love, so when you give them as a gift the other person knows you care about them.

The water lily is another excellent choice for July. This water flower is perfect for such a hot month. When used in ponds they deter the growth of algae and cool and shade the water so that frogs and other pond residents can rest comfortably.

Water lilies carry a meaning of purity and majesty.

August: Gladiolus or Poppy

Gladiolus - August Birth Month Flower

Sunny later summer days bring out the bright birth month flowers of August. The gladiolus, sometimes called the “sword lily,” represents infatuation, calm, integrity, and remembrance. If you give someone a gladiolus for their August birthday, you are saying that your heart is pierced with love for them.

This striking plant is named for the Latin word “gladius,” meaning sword. It’s the same root where we get the word “gladiator.”

The poppy is another August flower. This brightly colored bloom has different meanings depending on the color you choose, like the rose and larkspur.

A red poppy shares pleasure, while a yellow poppy conveys a wish for health and success in the coming year. A white poppy is a symbol of mourning and consolation.

September: Aster or Morning Glory

Aster - September Birth Month Flower

As summer wanes and fall beckons, the beautiful aster arrives as the birth month flower of September. Asters are a symbol of powerful love and are very bright and colorful. Many people enjoy growing these flowers because they are easy to care for and add color at a time many other flowers fade.

This symbol of love and patience was once believed to ward off evil spirits, so it’s a great way to wish your friend or loved one a successful year ahead.

The morning glory is an alternative September flower. These climbing flowers open in the early morning and the close back up later in the day. They grow quickly, so plant them wisely.

Morning glories are easy to identify due to their heart-shaped leaves and trumpet-shaped flowers. The most common colors are pink, magenta, purplish blue, or white.

This flower signifies simple love and affection, making it a great gift for any friend, acquaintance, or loved one with a September birthday.

October: Marigold or Cosmos

Marigold - October Birth Month Flower

Marigolds are beautiful flowers that thrive in full sun and are less fragile than many other blooms. While marigolds may show despair and grief over loss, the orange and yellow blooms also represent optimism and prosperity. The symbolism is tied to the way the colors are connected to the hues of the rising sun.

Cosmos are flowers that were cultivated in mission gardens in Mexico. The word means “order” or “harmony,” and they were named due to their symmetrical appearance and evenly placed petals.

These flowers signify love, peace, wholeness, and modesty. There’s even a chocolate cosmos, named because it smells like chocolate. What a great gift for your sweets-loving friend who was born in October!

November: Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum - November Birth Month Flower

Chrysanthemums often simply called “mums,” were originally golden in color.

Today they have been bred to have a wide variety of colors and are a bright and cheerful component of many fall gardens. This plant is native to Asia, and its symbolism reflects its birthplace. In Japan, they even have a “festival of happiness” to celebrate mums!

The chrysanthemum is a symbol of youth and vitality. It’s also seen as a representation of the sun, and the way the petals unfold in an orderly pattern is considered to represent perfection.

If you give mums as a gift, you are giving a symbol of friendship and well-wishing. They also symbolize long life and good luck, so they are a perfect option as a birthday gift.

December: Paperwhite Narcissus or Holly

Holly - December Birth Month Flower

As the weather gets cold and thoughts turn toward Christmas and other winter holidays, the month’s flowers reflect that. The paperwhite narcissus is a winter-growing variety of flower. Because it grows in colder weather, it’s a great choice as a birthday flower for a loved one born in December.

The flower means that you love someone just the way they are, and you don’t need them to change. It also conveys good wishes, faithfulness, and respect. Finally, a paperwhite narcissus is a sign of hope.

Holly is a plant we often see in December and associate with Christmas.

It signifies a wish for happiness in the home and carries a meaning of protection and defense due to its prickly leaves. This bright green plant with red berries can also carry religious connotations, which is another way to honor a friend or loved one of strong faith.

Birth Flowers Honor Your Loved Ones

Giving the gift of flowers is an incredible way to show you love and care for someone. However, it can be easy to fall into a rut and always give the same flowers or gifts again and again. To avoid this, take the time to find out what the birth month flower is for your friends and family.

When you give them this thoughtful gift, you’ll be able to convey much more than a simple birthday wish. You’ll show your friend or loved one that you care deeply about them and the symbolism of their birth month. In fact, it can be a fun way to teach your friends and family about the unique symbolism of flowers.

Birth Flower Tattoos

Birth flowers tattoos have become a popular way to express a personal connection to nature. You can express your individual style through the creativity of your tattoo artist. Looking for inspiration? Check out these birth month flower tattoo ideas.