Floral Art

Flowers Redefined​

At Plumeria, we are inspired by nature to create fresh floral art that redefines flowers into artistically designed, wearable pieces. From elaborate bohemian brides in flower crowns to floral ties for formal events like prom, homecoming, weddings, or anniversary dates, let us redefine fresh flowers for you.

Wearable floral art elevates the moment in a fresh and organic way. As one of the only wearable, floral art designers in Michigan, call us today at (269) 963-9949 to speak to one of our designers about your needs.

Ukrainian Flower Wreaths

Paying Tribute Through Flower Wreaths

Floral Art

Flowers, Magenta, and Vibrant Souls

Beyond Boutonnieres

Floral Art In Mainstream Fashion

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