Memorial Day Flowers - Fort Custer

Memorial Day Flowers-Fort Custer

Help Honor Our Fallen Heroes Today!

Our Story

Plumeria teamed up with The Memorial Day Flowers Foundation in 2018 to help honor our fallen heroes at Fort Custer National Cemetery by laying a rose on their grave markers for Memorial Day. Years later, the momentum just keeps building.

The event is made possible by Memorial Day Flowers Foundation, the owners of Plumeria, their amazing staff, and many generous donors from all over the nation.

In 2022, Victory for Veterans became a partner. Now, one third of your donation goes directly to help them reduce suicides amongst our veterans. We are, unfortunately, all familiar with the 22 suicides per day statistic. Victory for veterans aims to help reduce this staggering loss.

Our Goal

Through fund raising and continued partnerships, our goal is to consistently raise enough funds to honor the nearly 40,000 men and women interred at Fort Custer National Cemetery every Memorial Day. This is a lofty goal.

The selfless efforts of our amazing staff, the generosity of donors, and the willingness of countless volunteers ultimately make this possible. It takes months of effort to fund-raise and organize the logistics for this event.

We invite you to volunteer if you can spare the time, and donate if you can spare the treasure. Thank you for your support!

Soldier Laying Flowers

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