Floral Art Photo Shoot

Floral Art – Magenta

Flowers, Magenta, and Vibrant Souls

Floral Art Photo Shoot

Intended to be the first in a series of more floral art photo shoots to come, Floral Art – Magenta is the culmination of many talents that exist under one roof at Plumeria. Art is the backbone of our business. Flowers are the medium most often used. We welcome you to read a little bit about this adventure and to enjoy the photo gallery below.

The Color

Known as the color of universal harmony and emotional balance, magenta possesses the passion, power, and energy of red, tempered by the introspective energy of violet. Promoting compassion, kindness, and cooperation, magenta is a cheerful, happy, and appreciative color, a fitting match for the Plumeria brand.

Magenta, originally called fuchsine, took its name from the aniline dye patented in 1859 by Francois-Emmanuel Verguin, a French chemist. It was reportedly named after the color of the flowers in the plant genus Fuchsia or in honor of botanist Leonhart Fuchs.

The color was renamed in celebration of the Italian-French victory fought between the French and Austrians on June 4, 1859, known as the Battle of Magenta near the Italian town of Magenta in Lombardy.

The Flowers

Elisha Hodge, owner, operator, and florist-extraordinaire at Plumeria Botanical Boutique, was awestruck after seeing a photo series from photographer Heather Tabacchi. The Rainbow Series is a monochromatic collection of phenomenal floral art produced by florist Carmel Doyle Vandale of Mt. Lebanon Floral in Pittsburgh, PA.

“Her work in floral art is like nothing I have seen. The mechanics behind her floral crowns and creativity is chilling. Tabacchi’s photography is beyond belief with an unmatched eye for color and lighting.”

An art major by degree, Elisha is always looking for creative inspirations to produce floral art.  “There is often a narrow perception of what fresh flowers should be. Continuing to create art using the medium of flowers is a way I will help expand common expectations of flowers and their applications.”

Instead of the traditional posed pink and yellow floral bouquets, with ribbon, in a vase, she hopes to continue to use flowers as an art medium to show everyone the beauty and versatility of floral design outside of the vase. Floristry is an art form. Elisha will continue to show the world beautiful art created with flowers.

The Photography

Samantha Brandon, owner and operator of Sam Page Photography, also happens to be one of Plumeria’s many rock-star employees. Sam came to join the Plumeria team in 2019 as she exited the world of corporate photography. After Elisha shared the inspiration series with her, Sam was dedicated to the collaboration. Specializing in portrait photography, Sam was nothing short of excited to shoot this magenta-themed photography session at Plumeria.

Keeping with tradition, all aspects of this photoshoot were done in-house. Elisha made the flowers and lined up the models. Our good friends Leah and Joe agreed to be the test subjects for the shoot. As is customary in most things, it was ladies first. Leah donned the gorgeous floral attire and wowed everyone present. After giving Sam a plethora of photos and lots of ear-to-ear smiles, Leah made way for Joe to show the world that real men wear flowers.

In addition to being a good sport, Joe did a rock-solid job at his first modeling gig. There were reports from his wife that there may have been some pre-game practice that took place. We are so grateful for the time and effort that everyone put into this collaboration. The whole Plumeria team is anxious for more Floral Art-photo shoots to be produced and published again!