Dish Garden Care Guide

Dish Gardens are our answer to the question, “How many plants can I have?” As one of Plumeria’s top sellers, our Dish Gardens are a smattering of beauties like Pothos, Ivy, Peace Lily, Palm, Polka Dot, Dieffenbachia, and Nerve plants. While some of these plants come from the same family, not all do. However, they are strikingly similar in regard to their needs and best care practices.

5 Tips on Dish Garden Care

Together this group of plants is green, leafy, and easy to care for, especially by following the five steps below:


Each of these plants thrives in bright, indirect light, but can also tolerate medium to low indirect light. Indeed, too much direct sunlight will cause the leaves to brown or wrinkle and in some instances, if the leaves are colored, the color will fade or disappear altogether.


Water your Dish Garden carefully; allowing the plants to dry out completely between waterings is ok as long as you are checking regularly as underwatered plants will wilt. Generally, aim to water once the top two inches feel dry. If your Dish Garden is in brighter light, expect to water more often, less if in lower light.


If you want to make your Dish Garden feel totally at home, you’ll want to increase humidity: Think tropical! But don’t worry, these plants will do fine with humidity levels around 50-70% and regular misting will help.


Most of the houseplants in a Dish Garden prefer temperatures in the 60°F-85°F range. But, if you choose to keep your home cooler than that, try not to let it get below 60°F.


Each of the plants found in our Dish Gardens can be easily propagated. Once your plants start to sprout babies, take a leaf cutting and place them into a bit of water until the tiny roots begin to show. Once that happens you can place them into well fertilized soil.

More Dish Garden Care Tips

Common Problems:

Although some of the plants in a Dish Garden are toxic when ingested, with a small amount of caution there is no significant threat. However, it is best to keep them out of the reach of small children and pets.

Did you Know?

Each of the plants in our Dish Garden has been shown to clean the air we breathe by filtering out some toxins. In addition, the polka dot and ivy plants love to climb! You can help the climbers by using poles or small plant trellis’ (DO WE SELL THESE) to really see them show off. Take care though, you may notice the trails leave a slight mark on your wall.

Where to purchase Dish Gardens?

Dish Gardens are a favorite at Plumeria because they are an easy way to bring the joy of plants into your home. If you need help picking out a gift for yourself or a friend, stop in and speak with any of our knowledgeable staff members who are always ready to help!