Rex Begonia Care Guide

The Rex Begonia plant is a stunning indoor houseplant known for its striking foliage. It comes in a variety of colors and textures and is a popular choice for those looking to add some unique flair to their indoor spaces. As they are native to tropical regions, they can be found growing in rainforests around the world.

5 tips for Rex Begonia Care (especially #2)

Indoor plants can brighten up any room but keeping them healthy and strong requires attention to their specific needs. These five simple steps will get you started.

Bright but Indirect

The Rex Begonia plant prefers bright, indirect light but can also tolerate lower light conditions. Avoid placing it in direct sunlight, as this can scorch the leaves, causing them to brown or fade. And with leaves this color, you want them to stay nice and vibrant!

Don't Overwater

This is a plant that prefers consistently moist soil but take care not to overwater. Simply water the plant thoroughly and allow the soil to dry out slightly before watering again. You’ll also want to avoid getting water on the leaves, as this can cause damage and encourage fungal growth.

High Humidity

Because Rex Begonia is native to the tropics, it will require high humidity to thrive. But don’t worry! You can easily increase humidity levels by misting the leaves, placing the plant on a pebble tray filled with water, or by using a humidifier to keep the air around the plant moist.

Propagating is Simple

If your plant has become too big or you want to share it with someone you love, it’s incredibly easy to propagate. Start by cutting a few leaves from the plant and place them in moist soil or water until roots form. Once roots have formed, the new plant can be easily potted in soil. What an easy and thoughtful gift!


Make sure to keep your Rex Begonia away from cold windows, drafts, or any other extreme temperatures. In general, their sweet spot is temperatures between 65 and 75°F.

Other types of Rex Begonia

According to the American Begonia Society, there are more than 4,000 varieties of rex begonias. Here are a couple of our favorites. As always, if you don’t see it on our website, call us, and we might be able to order it for you!

● Tornado Rex Begonia. Begonia rex ‘Tornado’
● Yamileth Rex Begonia. Begonia rex ‘Yamileth’
● Ballet Rex Begonia. Begonia rex ‘Ballet’
● Flamenco Rex Begonia. Begonia rex ‘Flamenco’
● Rumba Rex Begonia. Begonia rex ‘Rumba’
● Salsa Rex Begonia. Begonia rex ‘Salsa’
● Red Kiss Rex Begonia. …
● Silver Limbo Rex Begonia.

Did you Know?

Although these beautiful plants, often referred to as “fancy-leafed” Begonias, are fun and easy to care for, there are a couple of concerns. They can be susceptible to root rot if overwatered, so your best bet is to make sure the soil is allowed to dry out slightly between waterings. Additionally, some varieties of Rex Begonia plants can be toxic to pets and humans if ingested, so make sure to keep them out of reach.

Where to purchase Rex Begonia Plants?

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