Ruby Aglaonema Care Guide

The Ruby Aglaonema, also known as the Chinese evergreen, is a stunning indoor houseplant with large, glossy leaves in shades of green and red with bright pink veins. It’s a popular indoor houseplant because of its striking foliage and it’s incredibly easy to care for.

Native to the tropical and subtropical regions of Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia, this plant is happy to be inside with little light or attention making it perfect for beginners and experienced plant parents, too.

5 Tips on Ruby Aglaonema Care (especially #1)

Though many indoor plants are known for their resilience and adaptability, including the Ruby Aglaonema, proper care is still essential to keep them thriving in your home. Follow these five tips and you’ll have great success.

Water When Dry

Take note: It's important not to overwater as this can lead to root rot. To prevent this from happening you can set a weekly watering schedule or simply water when the top inch of soil feels dry. We use “Water Wednesday” to keep our weekly schedule. You can also make sure the pot it lives in has drainage holes to prevent standing water.

Indirect Light

The Ruby Aglaonema does well in medium to low light, making it a great choice for indoor spaces. You’ll also want to avoid direct sunlight, as this can scorch the leaves. But don’t worry, it will let you know; if your plant's leaves start to fade, or brown, move it to a different location with less light.

Humidity Rules

In general, your Ruby Aglaonema won’t need any spritzing. These plants prefer moderate to high humidity and can usually get the moisture they need from the surrounding air and soil. However, if you live in a particularly dry climate, you may want to mist the leaves occasionally to provide some extra humidity. It's important not to mist too often or too heavily, as excess moisture can lead to fungal diseases.

They Like It Warm

Because the Ruby Aglaonema is native to tropical and subtropical zones, it will thrive in temperatures between 65-80°F. Therefore, take care of where you put your plant- no cold drafts or heating vents.

Easy Propagating

Propagating your Ruby Aglaonema is easy! Simply cut a stem and root it in water or soil. Or, if your plant has gotten too big and you want to divide it, carefully separate the plant's roots and repot the sections in new soil. A propagated Aglaonema is a great gift. Visit us in-store and we can help you find the perfect pot!

Did you Know?

According to NASA’s Clean Air Study, Ruby Aglaonema can help purify the air in your home by removing toxins such as benzene and formaldehyde! Just make sure to keep the Ruby out of the reach of cats and dogs as it is toxic to them.

Where to purchase Ruby Aglaonema?

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