Plumeria Flower Shop Updates 11/9/22

What a month we have had at the our new, second, Plumeria flower shop. The team has been working tirelessly and we’re super excited to share our progress:

No more asbestos! (not so sexy, we know)

You can imagine a building this old required some remediation, which included removing all traces of asbestos! This was priority number 1, which we are so happy to report is complete!

New Windows & Doors!

It’s amazing what new doors and windows can do for an old building like this. The dream is coming together, panel by panel. We hope you can drive by a take a look for yourself!

Other Updates

  • New ductwork and furnace was installed
  • Sign & awning are ordered

We have experienced quite a few oddities at the new place, such as, phones ringing when there are no phones present. Lights sometimes will turn on all by themselves, making one think that we may not be alone in this old building.

If you’re interested in helping out, we are taking volunteers to help on select dates- sign up here.