Plumeria Flower Shop Updates 9/23/22

We have been hard at work since we purchased the old Lakeview Hardware building in Summer 2022. It was no secret that we had our work cut out for us, but we knew the moment we walked in the door that this was the right space to expand our flower business.

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The building was built in 1925 and became Parrot Hardware in 1933, Snyder-Meacham Hardware in 1940, and Lakeview Hardware opened back in 1946 by Harry Wagner & Frank B. Nash. Over the years thousands of customers have come through the doors of this old building; walking through it today you can still see the reminisce of a once thriving business. Kerrie Redner, and her brother-in-law, Craig Walters, attempted to sell the business for a few years in hopes that someone from the community would help keep the building alive.

This is where we come in, from the moment we walked on the decades old wooden floor, we were hooked and knew this is exactly where we needed to be.

We broke ground Summer 2022, and we found some really cool items that reminded us of the buildings history.

While the weather was still nice we took the opportunity to paint the exterior brick to give the building a more modern touch.

Fun fact: Brick paint is different than typical paint, because brick has to be able to breathe!

You can imagine a building that is almost 100 years old needs some updated windows! Our new windows arrived just in time for winter.