The 10 Best Wedding Flowers of Summer

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Your A to Z Guide for Summer Wedding Flowers

If you plan to get married in the summer, you have a dazzling array of blooms to choose from. No matter what color, scent, shape, or price range you’re working with, there are a multitude of summer wedding flowers that will add elegance and beauty to your special day.

Anemone Wedding Flowers


This flower leads the list because it starts with the letter A, but it’s a headliner in its own right. You’re probably familiar with its distinctive shape because of its aquatic namesake, the sea anemone.

One especially popular type, the Panda Anemone, has a black and navy center. Since navy is an up-and-coming wedding alternative to black, the Panda Anemone complements that color palette perfectly.

Dahlia Wedding Flowers


As the national flower of Mexico, these bold, bushy flowers caused a stir when they were introduced to Europe in 1789. The spicy-scented flowers are available in hues of white, yellow, orange, pink, red, or purple, and will be a dramatic addition to your wedding flower selection.

If you’re looking for a whimsical, bohemian bridal bouquet, mix dahlias and some other structured flowers with airy Queen Anne’s lace. This airy mix will create the perfect combination of form and freedom.

Daisy Wedding Flowers


This charming, old-fashioned wedding flower may be just up your alley if you’re planning a casual event. It evokes feelings of comfort and nostalgia based on the old, “He loves me, he loves me not” game. (Since you’re getting married, you obviously won that game!) 

Gardenia Wedding Flowers


The permeating, intoxicating scent of gardenias is reason enough to include them in your bridal bouquet, tuck them into your hair, or fashion them into corsages, but these ivory-to-white flowers have a beauty that matches their fragrance.

Surrounded by waxy, dark green leaves, gardenia petals are delicate, so handle them carefully. Don’t let this discourage you from making this flower a star at your wedding! Their beauty and intoxicating aroma makes them worth your while.

Hydrangea Wedding Flowers


A perennial garden favorite, the hydrangea is showing up more and more as a preferred wedding flower of choice. It’s another of those big, beautiful flowers, with each head measuring 4-8 inches in diameter.

If you plan to use these wedding flowers, note that they are a bit more delicate than some other varieties. However, their whimsical beauty makes them worth any and all extra effort.

Lavender Wedding Flowers


Thanks largely to the fact that these small, sweet-smelling flowers fit in well with summer’s popular pastel wedding palettes, lavender is featured in many summer bridal bouquets.

As a bonus, its relaxing scent can calm you down if you breathe in deeply! Highly adaptable lavender can easily fit in with classic, modern, or rustic design styles making them a perfect fit for your wedding flower selection.

Peony Wedding Flowers


With its cheerful, full-headed structure, sweet perfume, and bright color, the peony epitomizes summer. These large, versatile blooms give you more bang for your buck, and their heady fragrance evokes pleasant memories of summers past.

Keep in mind, peonies are only in season from the end of spring through midsummer, so get them while they’re available! They may be able to be sourced from foreign growers out of season but quality is difficult to guarantee.

Queen Anne’s Lace Wedding Flowers

Queen Anne’s Lace

You may be surprised to see Queen Anne’s lace on this list since you think of these flowers as weeds—or, more politely, wildflowers—but these gauzy, deceptively delicate-looking staples of summer are perfectly in tune with today’s eco-conscious wedding flower choices.

Use them for affordable but eye-catching additions to wedding centerpieces or bouquets. They are a perfect fit for a boho theme, and they add great energy to natural wedding centerpieces.

Rose Wedding Flowers


Long considered a symbol of beauty and love, the rose is the uncontested ruler of wedding flowers and bridal bouquets. These flowers are especially desirable if you can locate fragrant heirloom roses that are available only in summer.

Non-heirloom roses are available year-round. Because of this, they’re also surprisingly affordable. Just steer clear of the flower-giving holidays such as Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. If scent is important, check with your florist, as only some roses are scented.

Zinnia Wedding Flowers


These flowers are last on the list because they start with the letter Z, but they’re definitely not least. If you’re planning a casual-but-still-unforgettable vintage- or garden-inspired wedding, consider these classic, daisy-like flowers.

Symbolizing “thoughts of friends,” zinnias are colorful, meaningful additions to bridesmaid bouquets or reception centerpieces.

Your florist may have other recommendations, but if you stick with these ten wedding flowers you can take full advantage of summer’s bounty without breaking the bank. Enjoy choosing your wedding blooms, and may your wedding and marriage be as lovely as these flowers!

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