Beyond Boutonnieres: Floral Art in Mainstream Fashion

Art is the driver and backbone of our business. Years ago we had a vision to introduce people to flowers as a form of art. Our very first floral art photo shoot, “Floral Art – Magenta” was the culmination of that vision; by taking beautiful pictures of our floral art, expressed through the vivid colors and textures of flowers, we were able to share our vision with the community.  Then, born out of a desire to bring attention to the people of Ukraine at the beginning of the war, we learned about the Vinok, a traditional flower wreath worn by young Ukrainian women for centuries. This further sparked our creativity and lead us to yet another floral art creation and photo shoot.

Each flower art experience has opened new avenues to explore the idea that fresh flowers can be more than just ornamental centerpieces or bouquets. Our page, “flowers REDEFINED,” is a place to showcase the realm of wearable flowers- living works of fresh floral art.

In this blog, we introduce you to our spin on the modern day tie but with a floral twist.

The Tradition of Men’s Wedding Attire

As far back as the mid 1700s, a man’s wedding suit was expected to be as extravagant as the bride’s in order to display wealth and prestige. The suit was anything but simple; the groom would often wear a combination of furs, embroidered silks, stylish cufflinks, and plush velvets embroidered with precious gemstones. Then, in 1840, tradition says that Prince Albert- a year after marrying Queen Victoria- received a bouquet of flowers from his wife as a gift. He took out a knife, cut a hole in his lapel, and plucked a flower bud in the hole to wear for their official wedding picture.

While fashion has ebbed and flowed, the tie- whether long or bow- and the boutonniere have remained rather static. Today, men’s wearable flowers have become simple and plain. Our floral art brings back the extravagance and prestige of the past, with a view toward the future of high fashion.

Beyond Aesthetics

The allure of wearable floral art extends beyond aesthetics, though. The presence of flowers on the wearer may evoke a profound impact on their mood and emotions. In fact, studies have shown that the sight and scent of flowers induce feelings of joy, reduce stress, and enhance creativity.

Although a wedding day, homecoming, or prom might be particularly stressful, flowers help ease the tension of those events. We envision our floral ties being worn at weddings and special occasions by anyone looking for something more than just the status quo. Today’s fashion is all about standing out, trying something new, and being open to the art of it rather than just the function.

The Team Behind the Scenes

Our featured floral tie was a collaboration with local photographer Dave Melges. Dave is a local photographer and loves this community as much as Plumeria does.

The tie was created by our Certified Florist, Pam Slocum. Pam has been on staff for two years and is our lead designer and wedding florist.

The model is our Daily Operations Manager, Abby Snyder. Abby was our first employee and has been with us for over 5 years. She is one of the building blocks of our business and an integral part of our Plumeria team!

We hope you enjoy viewing our floral art photos. If you are interested in our team creating something new for you, please contact us!